St.Thirumoolar is a great Tamil yogi, jnani and siddha, traditionally allotted a date of 3000 BC and said to have lived for 3000 years, but is assigned by historians to the period between the fourth and sixth centuries AD by scholars.
In addiltion to astanga yoga. St.Thirumoolar has propounded parianga yoga Chandra yoga, kesari yoga and amuritharanai- which are new to the world..

Top Programs

  • Yoga Classes

    This mutt conducts classes on yogasanas,pranayamas,meditations.

  • Annadhanam

    This mutt conducts annadhanam for the poor.

Thirumoolar yoga siddha peetam, Periathottam, Chittepalayam, Pethikuttai,PO Via Mettupalayam, Coimbatore district is founded by Sivayogi Sivarajan and started function with effect from September 10,2012 with a view to propagating the ideals of St Thirumoolar- sarya, kriya, yoga, jnana, mantra, yantra, siddha medicine etc.
This mutt conducts classes on yogasanas, pranayamas,meditations Homams, annadhana for the poor, cow feeding,free medical camps Aids awareness programmes etc...

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