Thirumoolar Siddha Peetam

Thirumoolar siddhar peedam is committed to every individual the true essense and spirit of yoga. St.Thirumoolar unravels all the secrets of all kinds of yogas.His yogas cover astangayoga, hathayoga aspects.In addition he gives more yogas like parianga yoga, chandrayoga,kesariyoga and amuritharanai.This yogas help individuals to attain a long physical and mental well-being.His parianga yoga makes one lead a heathy and happy sexual life also.No other yogi has revealed this kind of yoga.

Thirumoolar siddhar peedam is the only ashram which teaches Thirumoolar's yoga in the world. Since Thirumoolar's writings are in Tamil his yogas are not yet known to the world. Sivayogi Sivarajan is the first to globalise these yogas.

Trainings offered Astangayoga, pariyanga yoga, amuritharanai,chandrayoga, kesariyoga. Thirumoolar's meditation called gurumandala meditation.pre natal yoga, post natalyoga,kids yoga corporate yoga,yoga for weight loss/gain. yoga therapy. siddha varma secrets.

The siddhar peedam is located at the foothill in siddhar palayam, now called Chittepalayam. It is a calm and quiet place. If you sit for meditation the quietness will enter ones mind easily.One will easily slip into deep meditation.Yogis from different parts of India have come and meditated here and felt the difference.You can also try it.

Sivayogi Sivarajan

Sivayogi Sivarajan has started his spiritual journey from the age of 23.He continued his spiritual quest and visited different parts of Himalayas and met sanyasins and sadhus of different orders and learned a lot.He stayed Kasimutt in the year 1981 and started learning Saivasiddhanta. He met many scholars of Saivasiddhanta and learned Saivasiddhantam. He learned yoga from Vivekananda kendra,Kanyakumari,Sivananda ashram Hrishikesh.Buddhist meditation from Chennai and Osho medition in Kodaikanal.

He was very much attracted by Thirumoolar Thirumandiram. He started conducting researches on Thirumantiram. Thirumoolar explains yoga according to the Veera agama. He not only explains astangayoga,it also deals with four different types of yogas-pariyanga yoga,amuritharanai,chandrayoga and kesari yoga. Since these yogas are in Tamil they are not known to the world. So Sivayogi Sivarajan takes a mission of propagating the yogas and other ideals of Thirumoolar.

Sivayogi Sivarajan got vision of St Thirumooar at Amarnath. He is still in yogic communion with Thirumoolar. He is conducting pooja with a pancholoka idol of Thirumoolar. He has installed idols of St.Thirumoolar, Nandheeswar and Sivalinga in the ashram. He conducts different types of classes